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Front End Development Discussion about to front-end development, best practices, our preferred methods, thoughtbot's open-source style libraries (Bourbon, Neat, Bitters), and many more. Design for Developers Tutorial Category for discussion of the Design for Developers video tutorial.
Part 2: Grid Systems [Design for Developers Tutorial] (2)
Design Brief - My Cat Timer [Design for Developers Tutorial] (6)
Design Brief: 730hours [Design for Developers Tutorial] (1)
Part 1: Principles of Visual Design [Design for Developers Tutorial] (4)
Can you help me make action straightforward to user? [Design] (2)
Generating Persona's [Design] (1)
Hiring - Need developer this week to help with Bourbon front-end [Front End Development] (3)
Design Brief: Xchain [Design for Developers Tutorial] (3)
Bourbon, Neat, Bitters [Design] (1)
Neat.io is driving me crazy [Front End Development] (1)
Styling up a PSD example [Design] (1)
What to do? [Design] (2)
Using BEM with SCSS/SASS [Design] (1)
New Trail: Bourbon Fundamentals [Front End Development] (9)
Programatic Responsive Image Generation — Cloudinary API [Design] (1)
Organizing HTML5 form validation i18n [Front End Development] (1)
Design Brief: Blog [Design for Developers Tutorial] (1)
Bitters Button Styles for links [Design] (1)
Product Design Sprint [Design] (4)
Headhesive.js breaking Refills nav bar links? [Front End Development] (5)
Custom Bourbon confirm modal without large HTML templates? [Front End Development] (2)
Refills accordian component not working with Middleman? [Front End Development] (4)
Design Brief: Personal Site Redesign [Design for Developers Tutorial] (1)
Design and front-end responsive design workflows [Front End Development] (1)
Who're using bitters? Or bitters showcase :) [Design] (4)
Where to find a Front End pro for various rails projects [Front End Development] (3)
Developing for mobile using neat [Front End Development] (3)
Semantic markup in web apps [Front End Development] (1)
Learning Design - Feedback on what I have so far? [Design for Developers Tutorial] (10)
Suggestions for open source front end styling I could examine? [Design] (10)