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Design   Design for Developers Tutorial

Design Brief: Brewery Site (2)
Design Brief: IdleCampus, web plus mobile site for teachers and students (5)
Design Brief: demo site for webrc project (9)
Design Brief: Ruby Beginner blog (6)
Sketches: demo site for webrc project (7)
Office Hours - 9/27 (2)
The tool for making hand crafted arrows to highlight the items on the page (2)
Reuse wireframing code? (2)
Grid Alignment for Forms (2)
Sketches: Candidate Metrics (4)
Design Brief: Write Some (2)
Design Brief for Workshop: Intro to Ruby on Rails Flashcards Ap (2)
Design Brief: Plaid Events (2)
Design brief for workshop D4D ( any way to enhance this site ?) (6)
Dashboard layout (4)
Sketches: BCYC Website ( 2 ) (31)
Design Brief: Candidate Metrics (2)
Active Whitespace vs. Inactive Whitespace (4)
UI layout/simulation tools (5)
Design Brief: BCYC Website (6)
Design Brief. Personal Blog. D4D Workshop (5)
Anime Website Design Brief (8)
School Organization Rapid Prototyping Mockup + Mobile Mockup via Traditional Means (3)
Redesign or fix the website look after removing ads! (10)
Design Brief - Personal Blog and Website (5)
D4D. SM Blog Sketch (1)
Homework on Design Principles and Typo (5)
Design Brief Oskar&Robert (4)
Homework on Design Principles and Typo II (3)
What are your favorite tools to prototype a website design? (phototshop is not an acceptable answer :)) (3)