Building an Uncle Bob Rails app

Has anyone attempted to build a Rails app in the style that Uncle Bob talked about in this keynote:

If so, are there any lessons learned that would be valuable for the community?

I haven’t, but I’d love to try it sometime! Or, at least read the code of others who have.

I have found this: GitHub - wizardwerdna/bobbit: Rails App inspired by Uncle Bob, but have not had the chance to dive into yet

The main lesson I took away from that talk was the importance of Single Responsability. It may be that I’m being short-sighted in this, but here are some other thoughts I had while watching:

I like Rails for the structural blueprint it provides. You get going fast because the framework is intented as a delivery mechanism for the web. At a certain point, when you are throwing away convention, you just might as well abandon the framework.

You can create clear boundaries without fighting Rails, at least not too much, if you follow SOLID and… a Clean Code philosophy.

That being said, I really enjoyed the talk and the fundamental principles it is based on.