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Tmux Part 5: Advanced Workflow

(Troy Mullaney) #21

Is anyone else having trouble with fuzzy session switching? When running the following command in my terminal tmux ls | sed -E 's/:.*$//' | fzf | xargs tmux switch-client -t, everything works as expected. However, when placed in my tmux.conf preced by bind-key C-j split-window -v, it simply gives me a message of “Pane is Dead”.

Looking online, it seems as though this means the process has ended. Is there something I am missing?

(Moustafa Meshry) #23

Hi there,
Thanks a lot for the great content.
Is there a good way to have nested tmux sessions? Sometimes, I want to create a tmux session on a remote server, while I’m already on a tmux session on my local machine.