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A error message when I doing week 4 video, Mocking, Stubs, and Spies

(Vincent Lin) #1

I am do week 4 video, Mocking, Stubs, and Spies.

At the 19:48.

When the instructor run “rspec spec/integration/search_twitter_spec.rb”, and got no error.

However, I got following error.

undefined method `Searcher’ for #RSpec::Core::ExampleGroup::Nested_1:0x007faa83cb40a0

Here is my source code.

Please help me to deal with this error.

Many thanks,

(Giuseppe Modarelli) #2

Hello Vincent,

there’s a typo at line 17 of your spec

Searcher.searcher = FakeTwitter

instead of

Searcher searcher = FakeTwitter

(Vincent Lin) #3

Thank you for the reply, this solve the problem. Thanks a lot.