Acknowledge a notification that is public

I have a notification model that has an enum type to represent private and public. When a notification is public any user following the creator (creator_id) of the notification will have this notification in their query. I have no idea what would be the best practice for a user to acknowledge(mark as read) the notification. Adding a field with an array or hstore sounds very tedious. Thanks in advance.

I think you’ll have to create a new model that would represent this data. I don’t think there’s a shortcut around this as you need to know which user read which notification (of the creator) and you can’t know this unless you save it somewhere.

Thanks @lenartr for the reply. I still haven’t found a solid design for this yet.

Have a look at this railscast. It might sparkle an idea #103 Site-Wide Announcements (revised) - RailsCasts