ActiveAdmin Resources

Does anyone know of any open source apps that use ActiveAdmin that I can learn a few things from? The Documentation seems great but I learn better by looking at examples of live code.

I would also look at Rails Admin before you make a choice.

I’ve found on a few apps that using Active Admin seemed like a great idea until I reached the point where I wanted to do something with the admin interface that Active Admin didn’t support (or didn’t support easily). If your clients/users are going to have any interaction with the admin interface (rather than just you or internal staff for your client), I would advise that you build it yourself. If the admin interface just exists for a small group of people to get data into the system quickly and doesn’t have to look great or stand up to public scrutiny, then Rails Admin and Active Admin can be a great way to save time during early development cycles.

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I will have to check it out. Rails Admin even sounds like a better option. I am working on a project where they are using ActiveAdmin. Thanks for your advice. I was not having a good vibe of ActiveAdmin from the start. Good thing we are still in the early phase of the project.