Advanced Active Record Querying

I have the following models

Property Maps

with Associations like so –

belongs_to :item
has_many :property_maps, as: :mappable

  has_many :customizations
  has_many :property_maps, as: :mappable

**Property Maps**
belongs_to :mappable, polymorphic: true

I’ve implemented a pretty decent filtering system taking into consideration just Items and properties like so –

	def self.filter_in_properties(property_ids, group_name)
           joins(:property_maps).joins('JOIN property_maps '+group_name+' ON '+group_name+'.mappable_id =  AND '+group_name+'.property_id IN (''[', '').tr(']', '').tr('"', '') +')')

and I call them in the controller like so –

@items_without_pagination.filter_in_properties(params[:color_filter], 'color_filter').uniq

How can I do build out a filtering system so that when for example a user searches for the color red, it not only returns items that have the property red but also return items which have customizations with the property red?