Advice on building a Rails App


I’m hoping to get some advice on building a section of my prototype.

What recommendations would anybody have if I wanted to create a questionnaire that would create what a set of folders in a treeview (but really is just a navigation) based off of the answers in the questionnaire they filled out.

Form Example:

  1. Name of company?
  2. Name of division?
  3. Name of project?

Treeview displaying the answers Example

 - Babco LLC.
 -- Marketing
 ----- Branding campai

It sounds like you want to build a form and return results on the same page, but with a nested tree view. Here is how I would tackle it:

  1. Create the form and have it redirect to the same page on submit with the page outputting the results of the questions in the form. The result output would be created in a view.
  2. Initially, output the results in a flat list using <ul><li></li></ul> just to see that things are working correctly
  3. I would then use css to adjust the spacing of the <li> within the list. You’ll probably want to add a class to the <li> items in your view

Another option us to use nested lists, but I think the use of CSS would be a cleaner way.