Any issues with upgrading to Mac OS Yosemite for Rails development?

Any issues with upgrading to Mac OS Yosemite for Rails development?

Please report any experiences so far.

Hopefully this will avoid some yak shaving if we share our experiences.

So far the upgrade process was smooth for me. I followed option 1 in this article because I already heard few people faced that issue. After upgraded, I upgraded cmdline tools, and then reinstall mvim via homebrew.

Just did the upgrade. BIG WARNING!!! The numbers in the upgrade status indicator are WAY OFF! 2 minutes might mean 2 hours. Be patient. Don’t hard reboot!!!

Cmd-L to see log. Close log to allow reboot! 3+hrs!

If you use Homebrew, you should move any files in /usr/local/bin out of that location and then back in. It’s discussed in the comments of the article @Justin_Gordon mentioned, and it’s responsible for what appears to be most of the slowness and disparity between what the installer claims and what actually happens.

Apparently (I saw this in another blog post but now can’t find it) the Yosemite installer does a complicated copy/verification operation with any files in /usr that it doesn’t expect to see, which is what causes the upgrade times for developers to be so awful. If you can, move the files somewhere else (like ~/.usr-local and then move them back when you’re done). You could also alternatively uninstall Homebrew and clean everything out and reinstall afterward, but that’s probably overkill.

I’m having a dog of a time. After the upgrade, I’m now getting segmentation faults when running rake or rspec. Dumbest idea ever award goes to me for “Upgrading to a new OS in the middle of a workday.”

I don’t even know where to start to fix this.

Finally fixed it. I don’t recall everything I did, but it was some combination of uninstalling lots of things, reinstalling lots of things and beating my head against the wall.

I didn’t get any segfaults, but I did have to uninstall Postgres and remove the whole data folder at /usr/local/var/postgres before reinstalling (for the second time) in order to get things working again.

I don’t store anything important in my local machine’s databases, but if anyone has a trick others can use to avoid that it would be helpful.

I upgraded to the GM candidate 3 about a week ago without any real issues. It did take longer than expected because of the above-mentioned files in /usr/local/bin (about an hour and a half).

I had a whole bunch of issues running Yosemite Public Beta. Found out that I had run sudo on my RVM install somewhere I shouldn’t which changed the system permissions on me. It all depends on the error, but some of the one’s that really helped me were:
OpenSSL not installed:

Fixing RVM permissions:

Good luck with your issues!

My Vim and Tmux was extremely slow when I first upgraded to Yosemite in iTerm2

I can’t get pow to work with Yosemite. :frowning:

Tried following the uninstall/install instructions, etc.

(EDIT: Discourse is hiding some of the links I posted, not sure exactly why)

@Justin_Gordon, Pow (at the moment) doesn’t work in Yosemite out of the box because some underlying software that Pow uses no longer exists in Yosemite.

I got it to work by setting up pf.conf “anchors”:

Here’s a gist that also has the files you need to edit:

Found this one-liner on SO for the postgres issue. Use it before the upgrade and no problems or afterwards and restart postgres and it will be fixed.

mkdir -p /usr/local/var/postgres/{pg_tblspc,pg_twophase,pg_stat_tmp}/
touch /usr/local/var/postgres/{pg_tblspc,pg_twophase,pg_stat_tmp}/.keep

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Have you tried invoker by codemancers instead of pow? I switched due to the Procfile support and the process management aspects. Works in Yosemite.

Also, another update for updating Ruby on Yosemite