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Application with several integration


I would like to have some suggestions from you.

I developed an application that basically let you to reserve and book hospital appointments.

We are now expanding and we are integrating the system of the hospitals into our application.

So for example whenever a user reserve an appointment I need to propagate that appointment to the hospital system via API.

Since the integrated system are heterogenous I would need to implement a solution for each hospital.

I would like to design an architecture and a code solution optimal for this situation. I was thinking about creating abstract classes and then use the implementation for the hospital on which the user is reserving an appointment.

Do you have any suggestion on how to design a system with heterogenous integration?

Do you suggest the use of engine?


@kerby82 I would look into the Strategy Pattern. The general idea also shows up in this upcase video on composition vs inheritance and in this article on the thoughtbot blog.