Authentication gem recommendation

I’m working on a Rails app where I need to be able to authenticate users against an LDAP database (OpenLDAP and ActiveDirectory). I don’t need functionality to reset passwords, add/remove accounts, or any other such administrative functionality. All that is already handled with other existing tools. All I need is to take a username and password, verify that the credentials can be authenticated against the LDAP database, and use that determine whether to login the user to the Rails app… Common solutions like Devise and CanCan are massive overkill. Rolling my own using net-ldap or something like it seems like re-inventing the wheel. The best solutions I have found so far are OmniAuth with OmniAuth-ldap and authlogic with the LDAP plugin . Does anyone know of something better or have any recommendation of OmniAuth vs. authlogic?

Take net-ldap. If authentication is all you want to do, then we talk about 5 lines of code. Thats simple - not reinventing the wheel.