Backbone edit on items in a view on hover

Backbone noob.

I have a backbone view that has a list of items that can be edited. I am trying to emulate the hover behavior that is used on

I am reading through events info in the thoughtbot Backbone book now and doing some more investigation on the web. I suspect I want to register a hover event and call edit functionality on that hover event and adjust styles, etc.

I figured I would throw this up while I investigate to see if any backbone experts on the forum might be able to provide some direction that could keep me from going down the wrong path.

A best practice in this kind of situation is not to just change some styles in response to the event, but to render a separate ‘edit’ view/template. ‘show’ and ‘edit’ are two separate ways of looking at the same data.

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In general I agree with joelq’s advice. In this case, though, they’re just using css to fade the borders in and out. The items are always editable.