Bourbon, neat and bitter font-family problem

Hi @kylefiedler

This might be a stupid question, but I am using bourbon, neat and bitters and for some reason if I try and add a font-family to a div, it is not changing the font unless I be more specific.

I am having to do

.logo h1 {

instead of just

.logo {

Am I missing something really obvious?


@scott I couldn’t tell you unless I could see all of your Sass. Also this isn’t a Bourbon / Neat issue as it doesn’t change the font-family anywhere.

@kylefiedler It’s coming from bitter, I will send you the sass When I am home tonight :grin:

@kylefiedler This is all my sass files on github


@scott in bitters there is a declaration for the headers font-family. This is why you need to override that. My suggestion is to change the variable $header-font-family in bitters variables.scss file to the font family you want instead of overriding it here.

@kylefiedler Ah!! got it :slight_smile: thanks.