Bourbon Smash Lesson 3 help

Hey backend Rails dev trying to learn some SCSS.
project uses middleman server with the following layout, need to refactor the all.css file, but where should the scss file go? Also shuold I have to run the sass terminal command to compile it?

├── bin
│   └── setup
├── config.rb
├── data
│   └── pricing_models.yml
├── Gemfile
├── Gemfile.lock
└── source
    ├── index.html.erb
    ├── layouts
    │   └── layout.erb
    └── stylesheets
        ├── all.css
        ├── normalize.css

Hey @ChrisCPO!

Middleman is a great choice for getting started with some SCSS because it already has built-in support for it.

As per the README of the project

For example, say I am working on a stylesheet at source/stylesheets/site.css and I’d like to start using Compass and Sass. I would rename the file to source/stylesheets/site.css.scss and Middleman will automatically begin processing that file as Sass. The same would apply to CoffeeScript (, Haml (.html.haml) and any other templating engine you might want to use.

So I believe you only need to rename your all.css file to all.css.scss and it should be processed by SCSS automatically by Middleman. No need to run the sass command or anything like that.

Hope that helps!

Hey! @carlosramireziii how are things going?

ahh ok yea I have seen .css.scss but was not sure how that worked.