Can't clone exercise

When I clone I get prompted for a password. Am I supposed to provide my SSH key somewhere?

@andyw8 Hi Andy, I had the same problem with Whetstone. TB try to read your public key from GitHub. If that fails, you can email Ben directly and he’ll help you out.

@andyw8, please email your public key to rather than directly to Ben.


@cpytel Whoops, sorry Chad, I’ll remember that in future :smile:

Ah! TB grabs my public key from github. That explains why I get “Permission denied (publickey)” when I attempt to clone from

I use several key pairs, and have an ssh config file. Maybe TB could mention that one’s github public key is used by Changing the .ssh/config file is trivial; all I had to do was add

User jfnixon
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/github.key

@cpytel Hey Chad, I emailed my public key, but have not yet heard back yet. Still stuck not being able to clone the exercises.

I added my new public key to GH after signing up with learn. Not sure if having a way to manage keys in learn or re-syncing would be helpful in this situation, although I am not sure how they get from learn to whetstone and at what point in the process this occurs.

I could put together a pr if this would be a benefit at all.

Hey Frank,

Sorry for the trouble. Where did you email your public key? Can you email it again, to

@jferris, just emailed again… Thanks!