Chef + Ruby + Vagrant = Oh my!

Hey internet friends,

I’m embarking on a new adventure with Ruby and Chef (and cloud APIs) and trying to steer my people more towards DevOps than the current state of patching all over and documenting. I’m in PoC right now and it’s going pretty well, but I was wondering if anyone else worked with these tools on a regular basis? It would be nice to share some tips and tricks for making our lives easier :smile:



We use puppet + vagrant + ruby, and have some pretty nice tools for provisioning and deploying (with capistrano 3). Though I’m not the one responsible for most of the devops stuff, I’ll be happy to share them with you.

You’ve got the right idea. Build out your servers with Vagrant and Chef and get everything running locally, then move them to whatever hosting environment you use.

The Opscode community maintained cookbooks are often not the latest, don’t be afraid to grab cookbooks from Github where it makes sense.

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I would also make sure you review the cookbooks as throwing them in blindly can cause you pain later.