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(Chris Toomey) #21

Hi @mfsi-akshay, thanks for the kind words!

The delay you’re experiencing in insert mode is expected as Vim has to wait after you hit space to see if you’re going to then hit jk. In general I recommend not having any leader mappings in insert mode. Instead, the most common thing I’ve see is to map jk and kj directly (without <leader> before them). You’ll see the same delay with the first character of those pairs you type, but once you hit any other key Vim will respond. jk and kj are rare enough sequences that you’re likely safe to use them.

In the past I used NERDtree to provide a project file layout sidebar. It works very well, and if you’re really missing it then by all means give NERDtree a shot. In my case, I’ve found a combination of vim-vinegar (minimal directory explorer functionality) and CtrlP / fzf (fuzzy file finders) do much faster and more intuitive.

Most of all, I’d recommend trying out a few different things and seeing what works for you.

(Matthias Hennemeyer) #22

If anyone else has trouble to get space working as leader:
I had to map the “original” space to “no operation” to get it working.
nnoremap <Space> <Nop>
(Space might be mapped to “move right” in normal mode)

(Chris Toomey) #25

You certainly can! That said, https://github.com/BlakeWilliams/vim-pry is a plug-in that provides this behavior for you.

(chaand625) #27

Hi chris, I downloaded your dot files and made a symbolic to the vimrc as you said. I also Installed the vim-plug, vim is opening with no errors but i get nothing working.

(Chris Toomey) #28

Hi @chaand625, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend using my dotfiles directly as they’re very much specific to my workflows and preferences. If you’re looking for a good foundational set, and one that is intended for use by many people, the thoughtbot dotfiles are a perfect starting point. They also include specific instructions for installing and setting them up. With those as a foundation you can always scan through mine and find any specific things you want to borrow and use as additions to the thoughtbot ones. Hope that helps!