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Intro to Dotfiles

(Upcase ) #1
Intro to Dotfiles In this weeks episode, Chris & Gabe dive into the world of dotfiles, the files we use to configure some of our favorite tools. Tune in to find out how Chris, Gabe, and thoughtbot think about and organize these critical files. I...
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(Anthony Lee) #2

I really like how @christoomey does the git aliases. Better than git aliases that comes with oh-my-zsh git plugin defaults. Is there a plugin for vim where I can select a section of config lines and it makes each line alphabetical automatically? :smiley:

(Chris Toomey) #3

Thanks @antwonlee. Vim has a built in :sort command which you can use, but I wanted to be able to use text objects so I made a plugin sort motion.

(Anthony Lee) #4

@christoomey SICKTASTIC. Your resources alone make upcase so freaking worth it.

(Jason Data) #5

@christoomey, love the video!

I like how vim can be set locally with a “.vimrc.local” file…

I had a question regarding altering ftplugin behavior. Is there a way to change markdown behavior (undoing setlocal textwidth=80) without changing the dotfiles themselves also?

(Joe Grossberg) #6

Hmm the transcript has " Antigen for zsh which acts as a plaguing downloaded and manager for zsh."

While I appreciate the antigen/plague pun, I think you meant something like “a plugin downloader and manager for zsh”


(Chris Toomey) #7

Thanks for the pointer @josephgrossberg! All fixed now.