Thoughtbot Dotfiles on Linux

I setup Ubuntu on an old laptop as a side project and I was wanting to give the Thoughtbot dotfiles a try. I am using these instructions. I get to this step
env RCRC=$HOME/dotfiles/rcrc rcup but nothing happens. I have install rcm based on the Linux instructions Any thoughts?

Hi @runyans7, can you explain a bit more what you did, and what happened (or didn’t)? Some specific questions that might help solve this:

Do you have the thoughtbot dotfiles cloned to ~/dotfiles?
Are there any warnings or messages when you run the rcup command?
Are none of the hidden files linked (for instance, after running the command, is ~/.vimrc present?)?

@christoomey Thanks I got it to work. I guess I didn’t have the dotfiles cloned to the correct location. Good to go now. Thanks!

Thoughtdot Dotfiles are great, I saw first these files which work very smooth and all functionality is great. But is there any reference about how a ruby on rails developer can use them effectively, as there are lot things in it, and someone who does not know much about Vim can be confused and start to adding many more commands in .local files, and I noticed sometime such functionality already exists, as I really don’t want to add more plugins but want to make sure to use all already present plugin use effectively. So it would be great if you suggest any reference how you guys use vim as a ruby on rails developer, and key board short cut for running rspec?