Show Your Setup: Joe Ferris

In this episode, Joe demonstrates his setup for development including: How he uses rcm to combine the thoughtbot dotfiles with his own customizations How he uses MacVim, vim-rspec, and OS X Terminal to streamline TDD How he uses snippets to quic...
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@jferris I don’t see the reload-chrome script in your dotfiles. Is this a script you wrote?

Never mind I googled a solution.


tell application "Safari"
    set docUrl to URL of document 1

    set URL of document 1 to docUrl
end tell

There is also a commandline executable, chrome-cli that was recently released that allows you to script Chrome. It includes a number of commands for listing open tabs, reloading tabs, activating tabs, etc.

Available via homebrew, brew install chrome-cli


@jferris any chance you could push your latest dot files to GitHub? There was a few things in the video that I couldn’t find in your config (seems to be from 3 years ago, or am I looking in the wrong place?).


I just realised you have two repos, config_files and dotfiles - the former shows up on your GitHub profile because it has way more stars, but it looks like the latter is more up to date.

Yes, sorry: this is what I’m actually using now:

I left config_files up because a bunch of people were using them and forked them, and I didn’t want to rain on anybody’s parade when I switch over to thoughtbot’s dotfiles.

Shouldn’t this actually be titled, “Show your setup: The legendary Joe Ferris” ?

Just saying.

Regarding iterm and tmux, 1 reason to use iterm is that it allows copy-and-paste with the mouse when using tmux.
In my testing, with the same .tmux.conf, this worked with iterm but not with terminal.

I have recently switch to VIM this past weekend, and did not know you could do all the things in this video.

To run test from vim, do I need to install a plugin or do I need to update the dotfile?(haven’t done any customization in that yet)

@brianllamar, Joe and other thoughtbot folks are using vim-rspec to run tests from Vim.

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hahaha gsearch and greplace made me laugh out so loud. oh my. I just installed vim-rspec, and it saves so much time!