Vim setup seen in screenshare

Hey @joshclayton, thanks for doing this Test Driven Rails Workshop. Really enjoying it so far. Quick question, how do you have your vim stuff setup? I really like seeing the shell at the bottom so I don’t have to do the Ctrl-Z, fg song and dance.

Hey @mmcfarling, I’m pretty sure that setup you see is Tmux with two windows. One smaller one below, running the shell, and the large one on top which is running Vim.

If you’re interested in learning more, i know there’s a video on Tmux (although I haven’t watched it, yet) as well as a few thoughtbot blog posts.

I know I can’t officially speak for @joshclayton, but hopefully I was able to help you out while you’re waiting for an official answer. Have a good one.

Thanks! I do have tmux installed. I just havent used it yet. I’ll watch the video and learn more.

Also take a look that installing their dotfiles to help with the set up GitHub - thoughtbot/dotfiles: A set of vim, zsh, git, and tmux configuration files.

@mmcfarling yes, you’re seeing tmux + terminal vim. I use my own dotfiles instead of thoughtbot’s. Be sure to check out tmux on Learn to find more resources on tmux.

I have tried to give tmux a spinn, but I got problems with opening MacVim in the terminal, and running my color scheme (Solarized Dark)

I would get the tmux book from Pragmatic bookshelf. That, in combination with thoughtbot-inspired dot files will get you there.

I had the same problem, you can force tmux to use a 256 color terminal by starting it like this: tmux -2