Terminal & Coloring Preferences

Was curious to hear from everyone what their preference for a terminal and coloring are for Mac, and if there is one combination that a majority of thoughbot devs use?

My preference is Solarized, I use it for iTerm, Vim, and even Mutt. I don’t think there’s much overlap in the Stockholm office though.

For what it’s worth the thoughtbot dotfiles use the GitHub vim colour scheme, but it’s really just a question of personal preference.

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I’m also in the Solarized camp.

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I’ve used and loved the Tomorrow theme for many years. Specifically the light variant

Tomorrow Light

I just started using Solarized as well and really like the colors, but the syntax highlighting in Ruby seems to be lacking a bit.

Has anyone else experienced this?

iTerm2 and solarized for both the terminal and vim colorschemes. I usually use dark, but I have B mapped to flip from light to dark and reverse for those times when the light is too bright.

I had kind of a weird time getting solarized to look OK on iTerm2 (the iTerm2 profile substitutes gray for some of the bold colors), but it was worth the effort. You look at this stuff all day, and solarized is easy on the eyes while still having good syntax highlighting, etc.