Why is the default vim theme on dotfiles is github?

Maybe it’s personal, maybe it’s standard, why is it thoughtbot chooses github theme?

It’s just a neutral default. I think @christoomey uses the jellybeans theme, and I think so does @benorenstein. Syntax highlighting is a personal preference thing, some people hate light themes and others hate the dark themes. The github theme, though, is a good default color scheme that people can’t, or maybe wouldn’t complain about too much. The thoughtbot dotfiles are meant to be just a base, and you can override or change anything you want about them.

Yep! Just wanted to ask the question, thanks for linking the jellybeans theme. I will try to use it, I always like dark themes.

Honestly, I think this just happened to be the theme I was using when we created the dotfiles. Thinking about it more, it may be sort of random and inappropriate to set a color theme in our dotfiles. Colors are certainly a personal preference, so it’s not like we can really standardize there.

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I’ve been thinking the same thing for a long time - I don’t use GitHub myself, and having the theme as a default causes me trouble when trying to use my preferred theme (Solarized).

Just submitted a PR to remove the colorscheme: https://github.com/thoughtbot/dotfiles/pull/359

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I’ve just installed the Thoughtbot Laptop script on my new iMac. I kind of like the github theme. I use it in combination with the Solarized Light theme for my terminal (iTerm 2). I know it’s hard to discuss on color themes, but I like the github theme because it’s very neutral and it doesn’t have too much colors.

On my Mac Book Pro I’m using the ‘codeschool’ color scheme.



I just used macvim now, so that I won’t have problem with themes. Also using Solarized Dark :slight_smile: