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Your opinion about .editorconfig

(Roman Bambycha) #1

Hi, I’m interesting in your opinion about project http://editorconfig.org/ or github link.

Does anybody use it or something similar?

Are you using at thoughtbot something like that or just each developer must keep our their settings “right”? I know that you have the good hound)

And what is right for you? Indent with 2 spaces, unix style line end, insert final newline or you have something more like trailing whitespace etc?

(Ben Orenstein) #2

Many thoughtbotters use these dotfiles as a common base, and then add their own configuration on top: https://github.com/thoughtbot/dotfiles

I think it’s a pretty nice solution.

(Tute Costa) #3

The ones who use thoughtbot/dotfiles share almost all the configuration. The ones who care about their dotfiles will have those basics correctly configured. thoughtbot/dotfiles is geared towards vim and tmux.

But there are people who use Sublime Text, and I don’t think we have an .editorconfig or similar in any repository yet. Also, Sublime Text doesn’t read that file by default yet, needs a plugin. I believe it has sane defaults according to file type anyway.

I don’t know of other editors in use at thoughtbot. I wouldn’t be against adding a Sublime Preferences somewhere in dotfiles where to centralize good configuration.