Your opinion about .editorconfig

Hi, I’m interesting in your opinion about project or github link.

Does anybody use it or something similar?

Are you using at thoughtbot something like that or just each developer must keep our their settings “right”? I know that you have the good hound)

And what is right for you? Indent with 2 spaces, unix style line end, insert final newline or you have something more like trailing whitespace etc?

Many thoughtbotters use these dotfiles as a common base, and then add their own configuration on top:

I think it’s a pretty nice solution.

The ones who use thoughtbot/dotfiles share almost all the configuration. The ones who care about their dotfiles will have those basics correctly configured. thoughtbot/dotfiles is geared towards vim and tmux.

But there are people who use Sublime Text, and I don’t think we have an .editorconfig or similar in any repository yet. Also, Sublime Text doesn’t read that file by default yet, needs a plugin. I believe it has sane defaults according to file type anyway.

I don’t know of other editors in use at thoughtbot. I wouldn’t be against adding a Sublime Preferences somewhere in dotfiles where to centralize good configuration.