Vim giving me weird color issue

Hi, I am using vim-airline, which I don’t think has to do with this issue, but if you look at the screenshot attached, you will see I am using Solarized Dark for Vim inside iTerm2 and have a weird brown for the status and for the line numbers. This is not the case on my other computer so I at a lost why it is on this laptop.

Thank you for any help,


Rob, which terminal profile are you using in iTerm2? I had issues with iTerm2 and the Solarized color scheme in vim until I started using a solarized color palette for iTerm2 in addition to the vim color scheme.

I’ve faced this issue with iTerm installed using brew cask or using an older version. Try downloading the latest one and also enable 256 colors in preferences.

Thanks guys. I did a fresh install and all is back to normal now.