Running the shell on split tab inside vim

Hi @joshclayton, i’m viewing the TDD workshop and i see on the screencast that you use the shell in a split tab inside vim and i want to know how to do it? thanks for your help!!

@alexpereira, he’s using tmux to split the window.

tmux is great for window-splitting, allowing processes to persist even when you close your terminal window, and/or for grouping sessions that are all related to one project together.

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Thanks for your help @geoffharcourt one last questions, i have already installed tmux on my laptop, and all works fine, i put my windows like the TDD workshop with the shell at the bottom and smaller then the vim window, but i can’t move inside my shell window when i run the specs, like @joshclayton does in the workshop, he move up to sees the test output, do you know if is there any key to do this, i search this on the internet, but not find answer. thanks again!!

Hi Alejandro,

I don’t have access to the workshop at present, but from what I remember, I think Josh is using tslime.

I don’t know tslime as well, but I use vim-dispatch, which if you’re using tmux with vim-rspec (see the Thoughtbot blog post about dispatch and tmux), will run your specs in a new tmux split and then load the results in the quickfix window at the bottom of your window.

Thanks @geoffharcourt i will check it out!!

I think you’re trying to figure out how Josh scrolls in his shell in Tmux?

Ctrl -b then [ will put you in view mode. You can then scroll up using J or K (or up/down arrow keys).

When scrolling up to view spec output I find it useful to enter Ctrl- u which will scroll one page up.

Hope that helps you.

thank you @ralphwintle, just what I was looking for!!