The Art of Vim: Rspec Customization

Hi! Laila Winner from thoughtbot here. In this Vim screencast, I'll show you how to use the vim-rspec plugin to make running tests a more efficient, enjoyable and Vim-tastic experience. vim-rspec is a lightweight plugin that does exactly what you...
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Hi Laila, is there a way to get the rspec to run in a different terminal tab or split, rather than (temporarily) displacing the Vim buffer? I notice in the “Show your Setup” video with Joe Ferris, he’s configured MacVim to do it this way, and it seems a lot friendlier to leave the Vim buffer there while the test runs so I can look at it. Is there a way to achieve this with terminal Vim?

@captain_zoom you can do this with vim-dispatch:

Thanks @andyw8 – looks like what I need. Much obliged