Distributed Ruby for a new tcp connection

I am opening a new tcp connection for each signed in user. And I wish to keep this connection open as long as the user is logged in. I am starting a new Drb service and using that service to enable the interaction between the two processes.

I am using this to open the Drb session and get back the object instance.

DRb.start_service("druby://localhost:7777", TopfunkyIM.new(@user,@password, nil, false))

object = DRbObject.new_with_uri "druby://localhost:7777"


Is this the right thing to do? How about this in the production environment?

I believe the background jobs only execute jobs one after another but I would like all these jobs to occur on a single same object or on a single tcp connection.

Any help or link or resource will be of immense help. Right now I am stuck badly on this.