Elixir Trail?

Any chance there will be a Elixir trail in the future? -crossing fingers-


Hello @vinniefranco, unfortunately Elixir is not on our roadmap right now. We have a few developers here at thoughtbot who have played around with Elixir on side projects, but we’ve not used it on any production / client apps. We try to keep the trail content to things we have used in production applications. If we start to use it more significantly we will certainly add some Upcase content around Elixir, but until then we might consider a weekly iteration episode on Elixir.


@christoomey thanks! Good info

Has ThoughtBot used Clojure for any production code? I’d be interested to hear some thoughts on Clojure (and Elixir).

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@christoomey I will throw in my vote for elixir in some upcase content. I could definitely get on board with that.