Final assignment - lost in the weeds inches from the finish line :)

Hello; I realize the course ends tomorrow, I’m hoping to travel that last mile and cross the finish line on schedule :slight_smile:

I’ve created a GuessController with an appropriate show view, as well as a backing model.

I have it working to the point where you get a form asking you to enter your guess, but where I should go from here I’m not sure of.

  • Do I need a custom action for the form to redirect the response to a custom action? (Maybe using the url option of form_for?)

  • Also, do I need a create action on the guess controller? I’m not sure how that interacts with the model in a situation like this where I’m not editing a piece of data per se but just capturing an answer/guess.

Unfortunately the forum won’t let me link to my repository for some reason (Sorry you can’t link to that host) but my github username is ‘feoh’.

I love the course and have been learning a ton, thanks for putting it on!


Hi Chris,

I tried to find your repo but it isn’t listed under Is it private?

I do not understand why this forum thingie is thwarting me so utterly today :smile:

I’ll spell it out without the dots. It’s at http www github com/feoh/intro-rails-ruby

It should be accessible to anyone who has access to the Learn repositories.

Unfortunately it´s not accessible for me either.

Thanks I’ll see if I can make it public. I was under the impression that other Learn students could access the repo.

Ungh :slight_smile: I went to Github, brought up the repository → Settings, and this is what I get:

Make this repository public

Private forks can’t be made public. Please duplicate the repository or contact support.

@cpytel you suggested I post this to the forum. Any thoughts on how I should proceed here please?

I’m sorry for the trouble. Your repository is:

Anyone who has previously taken or registered for the workshop can see that repo.

Thanks @cpytel! @5minpause and @joelq have you folks taken any of the Learn workshops?