Framework for embeddable app

Hello Learn,
We’re interested in creating a js-embedded version of a decently sized user-end application.

From our research and investigation into this space so far (offering a js include tag for a “widget” experience of the site), we feel the best option is a single page app that is responsive and consumes a partial part of the core app over a REST API.

Since I’ve never gone down this path, and we’ll be integrating (hosting the compiled version of the single-page app and API off of our rails app) I thought I’d ask for opinions on how to implement this solution.

Obviously writing a large jQuery script COULD work, but I’d prefer to at least stand on some shoulders. Do you recommend Backbone, Angular, or Ember? Would a separate stack to deliver the application be a good fit, like Meteor or Node?

We’ve reversed engineerd PolarB’s small app, and it’s quite a lot in a small space, but is a much simpler app. They seem to only rely on jQuery and Holgan for JS templating.

Our other short-term option is simply iframes, but we won’t capture our target audiences with that since it won’t turn out very pretty!

Thanks for the advice!

After more investigation, we’re taking a leaner approach. We haven’t decided to use a framework or not yet, but we’re leaning towards not.

We found some good articles worth reading if you’re interested in doing this, including clearing the page’s styles and scripts for inside your widgets, doing proper loading, and some SPA referenced things.

Starting with that, and a very slimmed down version of the app, we hope to report within the month how things are going and if we’ve decided on a “framework” for building out the functionality of the app (maybe Backbone or Angular if anything at all, since Ember looks too data-binding/router opinionated for our purposes of an embedded SPA.

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Thanks for sharing. It improves the forum when folks who ask the original question sometimes end up generating the best answers to their work and pay it forward for the rest of us.

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I’ll hopefully have some lessons learned after the next month.