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Frequently-asked TDD questions

(Ben Orenstein) #1

When should I use integration tests vs unit tests?

Read this high level guidance from @jferris. (If you get a 404, make sure you’ve gotten access to Ruby Science already.)

Do I need to test controllers that are covered by integration tests?

Not usually.

What do the various test types (functional, unit, integration, component, smoke, etc) mean?

Joe gives some guidance.

(Ben Orenstein) #2

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(Ben Orenstein) #3

Have you seen a TDD-related question that seems to confuse a lot of people? Mention it here and I’ll add an answer for it to the FAQ.

(David) #5

I’m getting a 404 from both the “high level guidance” and the “gotten access to Ruby Science” links. Is it still possible to view this overview?

(Ben Orenstein) #6

Sorry, but no. Ruby Science is now a separate product outside Upcase.