Frequently Used Continuous Integration for Rails

What Continuous Integration services/OS projects are most frequently used in the Rails community (if any)?

I’m used to Jenkins but I’m not sure this is widely used across the industry, at least compared with other options (e.g. Travis, Semaphore, CircleCI, Codeship, TDDium, TeamCity, etc.).

The reason I ask is I’m coaching developers new to Rails and I’d like to make sure that any experience with CI they gain is more likely to be with a CI environment they’ll encounter early on in their careers.

Many thanks!

To be honest is across the board. Depends on the shop. Its kinda like saying which editor are you most likely to encounter. Vim, RubyMine, Sublimetext? Depends on the shop and can sometimes vary per project. At my current employer we use team city for one and codeship for another, and the shop I worked at before used Jenkins, but Jenkins is a pain in the butt, which is why there are so many alternatives in the ruby community. Personally if I were you I would expose them to one. Pick one you think is good and simple to learn. Basically expose them to the concept and get the familiar with why and how it works not so much what you use to accomplish it. Most of the same concepts for codeship, apply to all other CI servers. They all work just a little different and some are easier to use and others are more configurable, but essentially they are all the same thing.

It does depend on the shop, but Travis is really popular in the open source world (for Rubyists at least); I use Codeship personally. I would likely suggest teaching Travis though, just because it’s getting rather ubiquitous for open source. Jenkins can be valuable but I think there’s too much overhead myself.

Thanks @Jared_Smith, thanks @briandear for thinking about this and posting! I’m going to try TravisCI with a student soon. Travis looks to have the most favorable combination of simplicity and how well known it is in the open source community.

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Awesome choice! I’ve enjoyed using travis once you get past its initial setup.