Git branch -r --list [pattern] not working for me

How do you specify a [pattern] in git? I’ve not been able to get it to work with git branch. I’ve tried:

git branch -r --list jonathan
git branch -r --list /jonathan/
git branch -r --list /*jonathan*/
git branch -r --list /.*jonathan.*/

and none work. Yet when I enter:

git branch -r --list | less

I can easily find examples with that name.

git branch -r --list *dp-* works for me. That is, it finds remote branches that contain the string ‘dp-’. So try git branch -r --list *jonathon* or if you want to get more specific git branch -r --list origin/jonathon* or what have you.

Thanks, @derekprior. That did the trick!

The important thing, I think, is to realize that this is essentially a glob pattern and not a regex