Git pull on app to keep current

To keep all apps current I perform the following 4 commands in this order: I) git pull II) bundle update III) bundle exec rails g db and IV) bundle exec rake db:migrate.
If I do git pull and app msg says Already up-to-date do I need to do step II – IV any way?

Only if you’ve never initialized the app before. git pull is just telling you you already have the latest source code. If you did all of those steps the first time you got that source then there’s nothing else to do.

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Thank you. That is the confirmation I needed.

Just to be clear. I am working on apps that are continually being developed. After each new release the four commands must be run. Sometimes not all the apps were effected by the new release. So in that context, if I understood you correctly, for a certain app if the git pull output was already up-to-date that would mean there is no need to proceed with steps II - IV. Correct?