Git rebase and 'leftover' files

My workflow includes regular updates against the master branch:

git co master
git pull
git co mybranch
git rebase origin/master

However, when I do have conflicts and resolve them, I’m left with a bunch of the merge workfiles after the rebase is complete; i.e., files like


The conflicts have all been resolved, so I just go ahead and delete them, but I’m wondering if they are a signal that I’m doing something wrong?

Are you using Tortoise by any chance? (see git .BACKUP .BASE .LOCAL .REMOTE files - Stack Overflow)

git actually never creates these files.

Nope; I’m using git on MacOSx and using OpenDiff for my mergetool.

I noticed that there are also files like


left lying around.

I don’t think so. I think they’re just a symptom of the merge tool you’re using.

Well… I recently learned that there’s an easy way to clean this stuff up:

git clean -df

Obviously designed for just such an occasion!