Haskell: Intro to Functions | Upcase

Pat joins Joe to give an introduction to Haskell. Learn basic function syntax and dive into the world of pure, lazy, functional programming. We also cover basic lists, and discuss how almost everything in Haskell is a function, such as operators.
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This is great! I’d started the haskell trail but really struggle with it since I simply don’t know how to google things. These videos are great for starting to understand the basics and building up a vocabulary ^^

Thanks for diving into haskell on the weekly iteration. While I’m fascinated by functional languages and have spent some time playing with haskell and elixir, I’m not quite sure how to transition any of my real work in these languages.

I was curious if someone at thoughtbot could share some insight into how you’ve been using haskell on real customer problems. Is there a certain class of problems that you have found that functional languages help with in your normal work?

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