Help me choose the right job

I have a confusion and need your help :). Now I have 3 job offers and all Ruby on Rails. All of these companies are more of consultancy companies and make products for startups. While the 3rd one itself makes products for themselves for foreign and local market. In the previous two roles I would be working under a product manager/owner but the 3rd one I would be owning the product and working directly with the client. The team I find the 3rd one is a little bit more experienced but not totally focused on Ruby on Rails. If they find Python a better stack for the product they go for Python.

I just don’t want to limit myself to Rails but learn the in and out of product designing including database and deployments.

Just help me decide which company to choose.

If you don’t want to limit yourself to Rails, then the 3rd option sounds like the better choice.

I want to be in Rails :slight_smile:

I just to wish to understand not only rails but also product development from building a brand to getting the product to users hand. :smile: