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How does Rails identify its current environment?

(Sidd Tewari) #1

How does rails differentiate between development vs production machine (or does it not) - like when we push to heroku / ec2 / server in grandma’s basement / what have you - How does the app /framework know that “oh, this is the production machine” - and so must look at the production group for the gem file, and for the database.yml, oh and I must also skip the tests, etc. etc.

(Joel Oliveira) #2

The app server starting up will pass along the environment it should be running as. By default it assumes “development” unless you tell it otherwise, right?

So - places like heroku will tell it otherwise. Sometimes it’s passed as a flag to the server – for example, with webrick: rails s -e production. Other times it’s an environmental variable: export RAILS_ENV='production' && rails s.

(Ben Orenstein) #3


If only Rails were open-source, we’d be able to examine its code to see how it works! :slight_smile:

So, based on my reading of the env method, Rails looks for an environment variable of RAILS_ENV, then RACK_ENV, then defaults to “development”.