How to handle conflicts during mup

What happens if we run into conflicts when running the mup alias command.

What is ‘mup’?

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mup is an alias I have for “master up” which runs checkout master; git pull; checkout -. Makes it easy to ensure master is up to date before rebasing or merging.

@MasoodGit if you run into conflicts then this means you have local changes that are in conflict with the upstream branch. You would resolve this the same as any conflict, fixing the conflicted code and massaging into the final form. The conflict occurs since mup uses git pull to update your local master branch, and pull itself is a git fetch followed by a git merge, causing the conflict. Once resolved, you can use git commit to

Note that the above will create a merge bubble. This is fine if that was your intention, but we at thoughtbot tend to avoid merge bubbles whenever possible. If you want to avoid the merge bubble, you can abort the merge with git merge --abort, then run git pull --rebase which will attempt to rebase your local changes on top of the newly pulled commits. You will still hit the conflict, but after resolving you will no longer have a merge bubble.

Note, this is not in any way specific to mup, but is just the normal workflow needed if git pull on master results in conflicts.