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Humon Example with IOS 8 - MapKit, CL, AFNetworking changes

(Jourdan Clish) #1

When using the iOS/Ruby (beta) book example application “Humon” for iOS 8 needs AFNetworking updated from 2.2.1 to 2.4.1 in the Podfile. Follow the tutorial at http://nevan.net/2014/09/core-location-manager-changes-in-ios-8/ to deal with the current location suddenly failing. Some CL and MapKit stuff with regard to application access to location has changed.


(Diana Zmuda) #2

Yep, iOS 8 definitely entails a few changes for the Humon sample app.
Thank you for the reminder to make those core location tweaks!


(Jourdan Clish) #3

Many thanks for the whole example setup. Some very hard professional work went into the whole thing. The iOS code is very clear for a beginner to follow.