In the Writing Unit Tests video tutorial at 37.08 min in, the completed todos scenario not working for me. PLEASE HELP!

Continuing the discussion from Week 2, video 3, 37.08 min —> Work work for me, please HELP!:

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At the part of the third video (Writing Unit Tests) where Josh Clayton adds the scenario for testing completed todos and adds all the relevant code and runs the rspec on that code, it works for him but won’t work for me. I keep getting an error saying that the expectation of the page to show a todo as completed to return something. The user is supposed to get redirected back to the todos_path after clicking on the “Complete” link. The index page was coded to account for completed todos but it’s not working for me.

Here is the Github link to my code in this tutorial app:

Found the problem. The code was correct except for ONE minor detail: apparently, I needed a space between the ’ and the word Completed in the index template.