iOS Design to Development Workflow

@cpytel, just got through the Design and Development portion of the Playbook workshop.

While you did a great job covering the web app worfklow, how does your team maintain tight iOS development iterations as well? Does the relationship between sketch/wireframe/implementation change? How do the designers ‘feel’ the app early on without the ability to wireframe in HTML/CSS.


Sorry for the delay, I was on vacation.

In short, we strive to get our iOS workflow as close as possible to our web workflow. We start with sketches, focusing on functionality and usability rather than look and feel. From there we try to get to working code as fast as possible. The iOS developers will implement the sketches in an app, more and more our designers are also learning about iOS development so they can do even more of the work themselves.

We use HockeyApp to distribute frequent iterations to the entire team including stakeholders.

I hope this helps, please feel free to ask me to elaborate on any points.