Localization gems and strategy

We’re planning on using GitHub - globalize/globalize: Rails I18n de-facto standard library for ActiveRecord model/data translation. for an upcoming localization project, and maybe subdomains for different languages.

Are there any other gems that may be helpful, and/or any reason use subdomains or not?

Any input is welcomed. thanks

Hey @tmartin314,

If your application is fairly JavaScript heavy, I’m a big fan of i18n-js and its companion Rails gem. It allows you to have access to your entire i18n translation setup (but not the dynamic fields from Globalize, I don’t think) as a JavaScript global, so you can reuse those translations between the server and browser sides.

I don’t have a really strong opinion on subdomains. That seems like a good approach at first look. I would also consider having a user attribute where they pick their locale and then you can use that in an ongoing basis, and users of different locales could share URLs, etc.

Hope this helps.