Looking for open source code sample for refactoring talk

Any suggestions for an open source project with some fat controllers, fat models, or fat views that could use some cleanup? This code would would have to be simple enough to show in a 30 minute talk.

My backup plan is to take a project like Hartl’s Rails Tutorial blog application and to artificially add bad code and then refactor it.

Katrina Owen did this at one point. I forget the app she found, but I think it was on OSS CMS?

I bet you could find her talk and the codebase with some googling.

Hi @benorenstein, Katrina recommended the GitHub - TracksApp/tracks: Tracks is a GTD™ web application, built with Ruby on Rails. However, I’m guessing that some very contrive examples will get my points across better in a 30 minute talk rather than all the nuances of a real app.

Yes, I think you’re right.

Examples are very hard to get right. It’s easy to be too complex or too simple. However, for a short talk, I’d lean a bit more toward the simple side so that you can focus on the refactorings you want to show.