My first gem -- anyone willing to give feedback?

Hi all,

I recently published the 0.1 release of my first gem – whowas. It’s a library for easily chaining together queries in log databases such as Splunk and ElasticSearch. I developed it after the log structure/location for “whowas” queries (Who had a particular IP address at my university at a given time?) kept changing and I wanted an easy way to add new “formulae”. It’s based on this middleware gem.

Anyways, would anyone be willing to take a look and give feedback – either on code or clarity of documentation? Who knows, maybe it would even be useful to someone here =D


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Hi Jess,

First of all, congrats on releasing your first gem!

In terms of documentation, I personally like to have a quick start example on the README, instead of having to go to a wiki. Hope it helps.

Thanks! I will do that. If I’m only editing documentation/, should I rerelease the gem with a new version number (semantic numbering) or just wait until the next code update?

Usually you should wait for a code update. Also, not all code updates warrant a new release.