New Trail: Bourbon Fundamentals

Hot on the heels of our Weekly Iteration episode about thoughtbot’s front-end stack, I’m happy to announce a brand-new trail:

Bourbon Fundamentals

Since this trail is brand new, we’re especially interested in your feedback. If you find anything confusing or broken, please let us know.


I get the following when trying to start watch:

% bin/watch
[16:40:22] Using gulpfile ~/code/learning/upcase/bourbon-fundamentals/introduction-to-bourbon/introduction-to-bourbon/bin/Gulpfile.js
[16:40:22] Starting 'stylesheets'...
[16:40:22] Starting 'watch'...
[16:40:22] Finished 'watch' after 9.38 ms
[16:40:23] gulp-ruby-sass: directory

      throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event
Error: error style.scss (Line 3: File to import not found or unreadable: variables.
Load paths:

The gulp version is 3.8.11 if that helps.

Sorry about that!

I’ve fixed the exercise so future people won’t hit that. You’ll need to remove the require "variables" line from the style.scss file.

Thanks, it’s working now.

Btw, the .gitignore excludes *.map but there’s already a in the repo (for rachelcope).

There is something wrong again

	introduction-to-bourbon git:(master) ✗ bin/watch
	[08:27:30] Using gulpfile ~/repos/education/upcase-exercises/introduction-to-bourbon/bin/Gulpfile.js
	[08:27:30] Starting 'stylesheets'...
	[08:27:30] Starting 'watch'...
	[08:27:30] Finished 'watch' after 7.24 ms

	      throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event
	Error: spawn sass ENOENT
	    at exports._errnoException (util.js:746:11)
	    at Process.ChildProcess._handle.onexit (child_process.js:1046:32)
	    at child_process.js:1137:20
	    at process._tickCallback (node.js:355:11)

That’s odd @uzzer

I think you might have an old version of the exercise.

I just reset your exercise state on the server.

Please delete your local directory with the exercise in it, go to to start/clone it again, and let me know if you hit the error.

Letting you know, on clean computer still the same issue introduction to bourbon trail issue · GitHub

But, resolved with
gem install bourbon

Probably it is wise to add it to setup instructions?

Ah! Definitely. I’ll get this added soon.

Has this trail been discontinued? I ask because it’s still accessible via Google but not through the Upcase trails listing directly. Thanks!

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