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Paperclip console command for Rails 4

(Shankar Dhanasekaran) #1

I want to upload paperclip files in console mode. In rails 3, I tried this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4680265/paperclip-how-to-store-a-picture-in-a-rails-console and it worked.

YourPaperclippedModelHere.new(:your_paperclip_field => File.new(path,

However, in Rails4, when I try this, I get

ActiveRecord::UnknownAttributeError: unknown attribute: your_paperclip_field

I am using the master branch of paperclip.

(Jaroslav Janukevic) #2

My guess would be, because of strong_params in Rails 4. You need to add

  def paperclip_model_parameters