Performance Tips & Tools

Any good tools out there that can review your code and give you performance related feedback?

My new application is cycling through a lot of data requests - (making Get calls to a RESTfull web service) - parsing the data and storing it to a local db. The performance is sluggish and I’m trying to pin point the problem area(s). Wondering if the problem is with the server where the app is running or the service’s server or a connectivity lag or problem with my parse and write code, etc. etc.

  1. At this point I’d really like to learn some of the good/best practices while writing loops, wrapping up xml response in an array, and running in to nested loops…?
  2. I’m also really curious if there are any code assessment tools/services/apps out there that I could leverage?

Have you tried New Relic? We use it on pretty much all our apps. It’s great.

Also, have you checked out the Performance screencast that Joe recorded?